February 25, 2016

Youth Beginner Fencing Class

The Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club offers fun fencing classes for all kids and all levels of physical ability.

Our fencing classes teach basic fencing skills, sportsmanship, and self-discipline. Classes will cover basic terminology, footwork, offensive and defensive actions, including bouting strategy with actual fencing. Fencing is a unique sport that helps build confidence, provides excellent exercise, and is just plain fun. The Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club will provide all the information, experience, and knowledge to introduce you or your child to fencing.

Learn fencing behavior, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and of course the basic terminology, footwork, offensive and defensive actions, including bouting strategy and actual fencing.

In the beginner classes we will teach techniques for all three swords; Foil and Saber. These classes are for true beginners who have had no experience with fencing.

Class agenda:

Basic eye-hand-foot work
Basic distance control
Basic fencing
Fencing with electrical weapon
Introduction to fencing etiquette
Safety rules and sportsmanship

New students will join our regular class, where fencers varies from beginners to competitive intermediate fencers. From our experience, this is the most effective way for new students to learn what fencing is all about as they learn from their peers as well as their coaches!

Beginner Classes
Fall Enrollment is for Mondays or Wednesdays classes from 5:30-7:00pm. Taught by Head coach Sergei Gritsaev.

if Mondays and Wednesdays do not work with your schedule, Tuesdays or Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm may still be available. Please contact with us to check for Tuesdays and Thursdays classes.

Classes are held at our gym located at 3536 S. West Temple in South Salt Lake

Fencing Program Fee
The fee of beginner level fencing program is $95.00 for 4 classes (equipment rental is included).

What to bring and what to wear?

Sport pants
Tennis shoes
Bottle of water

REGISTRATION CLOSED for this Class during Summer – See

Beginners Summer Camps