Dima and Sergey first medals and results from Nationals

Dima (Happy belated birthday!) and Sergey Makogon, Will Nikolai, and Kelly Dewsnup are at the December NAC in Richmond, VA.

On Friday, Dima finished 11/55 in DIV1AMF, being eliminated by the silver medalist, and Sergey won a top 8 medal finishing 6/18 in V40MF, losing 10-8 (veterans fence to 10 points) to the silver medalist. On Saturday, Sergey fenced Veterans Open Saber and again earned a top eight medal finishing 7/53, losing 10-7 to – wait for it – the silver medalist.

Live Results are available here: http://results.usfencingresults.org/…/2016.12-DEC…/index.htm. Will fences DIV1AMS at 8:00 AM Sunday and DIV1MS on Monday at 8:00 AM. That’s 6:00 AM Utah time. Ouch. Kelly fences Veteran Women’s Saber at 12:30 on Sunday and V40WS on Monday at noon. Good luck Will and Kelly! Congratulations Dima and Sergey!

Top 8 Richmond Nationals

Top 8 Richmond Nationals Sergey Makogon