April 26, 2016

Beginner Summer Fencing Camps

Our Fencing Camps are FUN and entertaining week long for youth ages of boys and girls and of all levels and physical abilities.

Our Beginner Camps teach basic fencing behavior, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and of course the basic terminology, footwork, offensive and defensive actions, including bouting strategy with actual fencing and lots of FUN and fencing related games.

For Whom: true beginners who have no experience with Olympic Sport Fencing

Camp/Class agenda:

Basic eye-hand-foot work.
Basic distance control.
Basic fencing

Fencing with electrical weapon.
Introduction to fencing etiquette.
Safety rules and sportsmanship.

All camps are 5 days long Monday through Friday.

Fencing equipment will be provided by USAFC. Students should wear athletic shoes and comfortable athletic clothing, such as T-shirts and warm-ups or sweatpants. No jeans or flip flops allowed. Bring a water bottle with name

Camps will be held at our gym located at 3536 S. West Temple in South Salt Lake.

Times and dates:

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